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Young & Fostered
Season 4, Episode 5
Young & Fostered
First Aired June 29, 2016
Production Code 5007
Writer(s) Andrea Abbate
Director Andy Cadiff
Episode Guide
"Young & Piggy"
"Young & Assistant"

Young & Fostered is the fifth episode in season 4 of Young & Hungry. It premiered on June 29, 2016.


Elliot and Alan react with surprise when their new foster daughter turns out to be not an infant, but a teenager with an attitude problem.[1]


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Demi Mills as Keisha


  • San Fransisc
    • Elliot and Alan's house
    • Frozen yogurt store


  • This is the first appearance of Keisha, who Alan and Elliot foster for a couple of episodes.
  • Keisha's mom is in jail
  • Gabi again mentions her mom.


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